to connect, collaborate and
create more play in our lives.



Empowering children through to the young at heart, enticing curiosity and creating a space to explore portals of self expression through our infusion of Hooping, Dance and Yoga!

Sacred Play stems from the theory, that the cultivation of an open mind, a wondering eye, and a genuine curiosity in playful yet reflective surroundings, will generate the knowledge and skills necessary for a fulfilling life.

I invite you to join Sacred Play through movement meditation.



Hooping is the most enJOYable form of exercise

Burning up to 600 calories/hr you would be silly not to have a play


Gain more Flow throughout your life

Hooping releases euphoric feelings thanks to our Serotonin, Epinephrine, Endorphins and Dopamine – mood enhancing chemicals in the brain. Providing continuous opportunity to let it all go, just breathing and playing!


Everyone can play!

Indulge your little you, reconnect with your ability to laugh at yourself. Be immersed in play


Movement Meditation

As you spin circles, the repetitive revolutions transport you into a trance, enhancing your platform for self expression


Fall in love with Hoop / Yoga / Dance and your heart reaps the rewards

Pumping up your heart rate and getting your creative juices flowing whilst stretching and lengthening


Play specialist

Jump through the Play portal with Ashley as she guides movement exploration in various forms that enhance self expression!

Energetic, creative, dynamic and attuned to the wisdom of play,
Ashley is dedicated to unfolding the multidimensional world, that play is.


Ashley is a holistic hooper and guidance guru. She captivates all with her expressive dance and moving meditation.

Ashley is the founder and play specialist of Sacred Play. Her hula hoop is only part of her superpower, Ashley’s light shines its brightest when offering classes, workshops and performing at community events!

She loves to live in a whirld of hoop dance, to spin into a portal of self-expression, self-discovery and self-alignment.

Sharing the power of hoop dance and it’s unlimited healing pathways, observing the contagious joy that sprouts when in motion, tuning into your body to listen, feel and explore authentically and creating a playful practice is why Ashley is passionate about sharing Hoop dance as Sacred Play.